The Missouri Hunter Education Instructor’s Association Highest Honor. Created in the memory of Ken Andersen.

Kendall Andersen moved to Missouri from his native Wisconsin in the early 1960’s. He was very active in the Boy Scouts of America. He also enjoyed the sports of hunting and fishing. By the mid-1970’s, Ken had discovered Missouri’s voluntary Hunter Education program and became involved as a volunteer instructor. He and his son Keith enjoyed teaching together, usually conducting two or three classes each year.

When Missouri shifted into a mandatory Hunter Education program in 1988, Ken Andersen supported the idea wholeheartedly by teaching almost constantly. When volunteer Hunter Education instructor zones were set up in the St. Louis metro area, he became the volunteer coordinator for his South St. Louis County area. In 1991, Ken worked with Walt Beumer and several other volunteer instructors around the state to make the idea of the Missouri Hunter Education Instructor’s Association become reality. He was taken from us prematurely shortly after the first Hunter Education Workshop in the spring of 1992.

Past recipients of the Award are:

  • 1992 Mrs. Ken Andersen
  • 1993 Robert Staton Jr.
  • 1995 Jim Ragland
  • 1996 John Harp
  • 1997 Don Holdinghaus
  • 1998 Charlie Sloan
  • 1999 Tom Kremer
  • 2000 Eddie Murray
  • 2001 Peggy Ragland
  • 2002 Ralph Redstone
  • 2003 Michael E. Ohlms
  • 2004 William “Jake” Jacoby
  • 2005 Glynnis “Smitty Bear” Smith
  • 2014 Ron Valleroy
  • 2015 Stewart “Bill” Morton, (Awarded Post Humously)
  • 2016 Mike Mansell
  • 2019 Priscilla Moore
  • 2019 Jim Robertson
  • 2019 Karen Mansell
  • 2021 Frank Powers