The Missouri Hunter Education Instructor’s Association recognizes the outstanding service and dedication of their members to hunter education. The following members have been selected by their peers to receive the annual Regional Instructor of the Year Award.

Recipients of the Regional Instructor of the Year Awards:


  • Dwight Warnke- Ozark region  (mdc)
  • Dennis Cole- Saint Louis region  (mdc)
  • Sandra Hedges- Kansas City region
  • Carl Eggers- Southeast region
  • Thomas Glueck- Ozark region
  • Kenny Claspille- Central region


  • Kansas City Region Kevin Clossick


  • Kansas City Region Marlow (Skip) Doucette


  • St Louis Region   Steve Garrein   Hunter Education
  • St Louis Region   Raymond Schultz   Bow Hunter Education
  • Kansas City Region    Jim Shinneman   Hunter Education
  • Central Region   John A. Locker   Hunter Education
  • Southeast Region   Les Semar   Hunter Education
  • Southwest Region   Gordon Maracle   Hunter Education
  • Ozark Region   George Dalgetty   Hunter Education
  • Northeast Region   David Bryant   Hunter Education


  • David Wyatt, KC


  • Priscilla Moore, KC


  • James Lewellen, NE
  • James Thompson, KC
  • Dennis Boerger, Sr., St Louis
  • Delmer Croka, Central
  • Don Tinning, SE
  • None for NW, Ozark, SE


  • St Louis Region; Stewart “Bill” Morton
  • Northeast Region; George Little, Sr
  • Kansas City Region; Ken Wallace
  • Central Region; Roger O. See
  • Southwest Region; George Bowden
  • Southwest Region; Connie Bowden
  • Ozark Region; David Grossman
  • Southeast Region; Duane Schwent
  • Southeast Region; Amy Schwent
  • Northwest Region; NONE