Board of Directors


  • President: Frank Powers 816-686-2967
  • Vice-President: Brian Byers 417-935-9007
  • Secretary: Dennis Boerger 314-921-4947
  • Treasurer: Jerry Bryant 816-419-0658


  • Northwest: Frank Powers 816-686-2967
  • Northeast: Open
  • St Louis: Dennis Boerger, SR 314-921-4947
  • Central: Delmer Croka 660-529-2579
  • Kansas City: Jerry Bryant 816-419-0658
  • Southeast: Duane Schwent 573-579-6675
  • Ozark: George Dalgetty 573-512-0390
  • Southwest: Brian Byers 417-840-8298

Deputy Directors

  • Northwest:
    • Open
  • Northeast:
    • Larry Harlan 573-822-6185
  • St Louis:
    • Open
  • Central:
    • Earl Williamson 573-220-2516,
    • Dennis Desmond 660-886-5258
    • Kenneth Claspille 573-864-1803
    • Roger See 573-564-5268
  • Kansas City:
    • Mike Mansell 816-935-6330
  • Southeast:
    • Ron Valleroy 573-547-5708
  • Ozark:
    • Open

  • Southwest:
    • Richard Boone 816-392-4729

Committee Chairs

  • Conference- Entire Board of Directors
  • Membership -Earl Williamson
  • Newsletter- Dennis Boerger
  • Website- Jerry Bryant
  • By-Laws- Frank Powers
  • Funding- Mike Mansell, Earl Williamson
  • Awards-  Board Officers
  • CFM-
  • Historical- Open
  • Member Benefits-
  • Budget Proposal-Projections- Jerry Bryant& Committee Chairs
  • Smitty Bear Fund- Mike Mansell, Jerry Bryant

July Board Meeting, July 6

Notice is hereby given that the Missouri Hunter Education Instructor’s Association, Inc. Board of Directors will conduct a regular board meeting on July 6, 2019 at 10:30 AM at Bass Pro Shop,Columbia, MO.

MDC Memorandum of Understanding

Just a reminder that if you have not done so, please, return the Memorandum of Understanding that was recently sent out to volunteers, back to MDC or you will be dropped from the volunteer rolls!!!

Meeting Minutes October 7, 2018

Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2018

Meeting held at Bass Pro, Columbia, MO

DIRECTORS PRESENT:   James Robertson, N.E. Region; Jerry Bryant, Kansas City Region; Duane Schwent, S.E. Region;  Delmar Croka, Central Region;  Frank Powers,  N.W. Region and Dennis Boerger, St. Louis Region.

DEPUTY DIECTORS PRESENT:   Kenny Claspille, Central Region; Earl Williamson, Central Region;  David Lomax, N.E. Region; Larry Harlan, N.E. Region

Jim Robertson called the meeting to order.

OLD BUSINESS:  Agenda for October 7, 2018 were read by Dennis Boerger and a motion was made by Frank Powers seconded by Dennis Boerger to approve as read.  It was voted on and approved by unanimous vote.

Meeting minutes from Board Meeting of July 7, 2018 were read by Dennis Boerger.  A motion to approve as read was made by Frank Powers, Seconded by Jerry Bryant.  Voted and approved by unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s report was given by Jerry Bryant.  This report was for the period of June 30, 2018 through September 28, 2018.    General fund was $7421.28.  Smittybear fund was $2,268.10; The Hunting like Heather Fund was $498.70.  These last two accounts were combined in one account of $2,766.80. 


  • Conference (Board)

There is a need for speakers at the March Conference.  Suggestions were made for the “Bat Lady” and a land management person from a private group by Jerry Bryant.  Elk and bear report speaker was discussed.

  • Membership (Jerry Bryant)

Two new members reported, Ken Wallas, K.C. Region and George Laramor, Ozark Region. Discussion was held concerning life membership being granted to Trent Harley from N.E. Region (Palmeyer) for his help with our organization.    A motion was made by Jerry Bryant and seconded by Frank Powers, voted on and approved by unanimous vote.

  • News Letter (Jim Robertson)

Deadline is October 20th, articles are needed by all Regions.   Articles must be submitted to Jim Robertson by the deadline given. 

  • Awards (Jim Robertson and Bob Mallery)

We are in need of instructor names for Conference Awards.  Please consider the Instructors in your Region.

  • CFM, Conservation Federation of Missouri (Jim Robertson)

Conference at Inn at the Grand Glaize, Lake of the Ozarks was held on September 12 and 13, 2018. Jerry Bryant and Dennis Boerger attended.  Writing Grant Proposals for Dummies was covered.

  • Membership Benefits (Jim Robertson)

New gift bags with better gifts are needed for the Conference.  We are reaching out to Yeti.  New gun raffle will be 10 guns, 500 tickets for March at the conference at Lake Ozarks.  Tax form was discussed and is current.

  • Website  (Jerry Bryant/ Jim Robertson/ Rob Brandenburg)

Replies are needed from members to update website.

  • Gun Drawing (Jim Robertson)

Guns for the March Drawing were gotten at a great deal from a gun shop going out of business.  March drawing will be 9 rifles, shotguns and one crossbow.

The results of the October 7, 2018 gun drawing of 5 Henry Lever Action:

22L.R. to #149 Roma Raylyana

30/30 to #123 Scott Bauman

357 Mag. To #128 Andrew Fritsch

410 to #159 Roma Raylyana

44 Mag. To #219 Jerry L. Smith

  • State Fair (Kenny Claspille)

No new information will be available until the new replacement for Kyle Laramor has been made.  Kyle was promoted to MDC Unit Chief.  Best wishes to him on his new appointment.

  • Unfinished Business

By-laws are on hold.  We are looking into renaming our association to get more interest, including opening membership to bowhunters, fishing volunteers, shotgun, rifle, pistol and black powder shooters and the public.  Missouri Outdoor Skills Association was suggested.  A suggestion was also made to rewrite Smitty Bear and Huntin’ Like Heather to Outdoor Skill Fund.

  • New Business

Next Quarterly meeting will be held on January 19, 2019 at 10:00 am at Bass Pro Shop, Columbia, MO, with January 26, 2019 as an alternate date for bad weather.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Frank Powers, seconded by Delmar Croka, and approved by unanimous vote.

Subject to amendment and Board approval.

Respectfully submitted by:

Dennis Boerger

Board Secretary

Regular board meeting on January 26, 2019 at 10:30 AM at Bass Pro Shop

Meeting Agenda

                                Due to this weekends forcast we are now using the SNOW DATE…………January 26, 2019*

Notice is hereby given that the Missouri Hunter Education Instructor’s Association, Inc.

Board of Directors will conduct a regular board meeting on January 19, 2019 at 10:30 AM at Bass Pro Shop,

Columbia, MO.

The tentative agenda for this meeting includes the following items:

Call Meeting to order 10:30 AM

Welcome/Opening remarks

Introduction of guest(s) 

Old Business:

(BA) 1. Approve and/ or amend agenda January 19, 2019

(BA) 2. Approve and/ or amend the October 07, 2018 Meeting Minutes

(BA) 3. Approve/ accept the Treasurer’s Report


  1. Conference (Board) Menues, Speakers
  2. Membership (Jerry Bryant)
  3. Newsletter ( Jim Robertson  Set deadline
  4. Awards (Jim Robertson/ Bob Mallery) NEED NAMES
  5. CFM Report
  6. Member Benefits (Jim Robertson)
  7. Website (Jerry Bryant/Jim Robertson/Rob Brandonburg)
  8. Gun Drawing Report (Jim Robertson) 
  9. SmittyBear & Huntin’ Like Heather Fund (Mike Mansell/ Jerry Bryant)

Unfinished  Business:  (BA) Approve MHEIA taking over Achievement Award from MDC

New Business:  (BA) MU Soil Judging Team Request

                           Next Meeting Date: Saturday Dates: April 06, 13, 20, 27, 2019

                                                               Sunday Dates: April 07, 14, 21, 28, 2019

(BA) Adjournment of Meeting        

January 2019 Board Meeting

Next Regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors is set for January 19, 2019 with a bad weather date of January 26, 2019 at Bass Pro Shop 3101 Bass Pro Drive Columbia, MO at 10:30 AM.             

MHEIA Uptates

The next meeting of the Missouri Hunter Education, Instructor’s Association, Inc. is scheduled for October 07, 2018
at Bass Pro Shop in Columbia, MO 10:30 AM.
Deadline for Newsletter articles is August 01, 2018. Remember, anyone can submit articles for the Newsletter.
Please send them to

Winners of the latest Gun Drawing held on July 07, 2018 at regular Board meeting.

#1 Henry 17 HMR Gavin Nichol Kansas City Region
#2 Henry 22LR Blued Kevin Brown Kansas City Region
#3 Henry 22 Golden Boy Rick Hodges Central Region
#4 Henry 45/70 Govt. Rick Penrod St. Louis Region
#5 Henry 45 Colt Roy Hamlin Northeast Region

Be sure to watch for the upcoming Gun Drawing. Tickets on sale soon!!!!!!! Drawing to be held on October 07, 2018 at the regular Board meeting provided ALL tickets are sold! Only 250 tickets to be sold state wide/ $20.00 donation per ticket, 5 chances to win per ticket!!!

#1 Henry 22 Pump Octagon Barrel
#2 Henry 30/30 Lever Blued
#3 Henry Mare’s Leg 357 Mag
#4 Henry 410 Lever Action
#5 Henry Big Boy Brass 44 mag

Contact your Regional Directors for your chance to win!!!!!

Jim Robertson, President
Missouri Hunter Education Instructor’s Association, Inc.
PO Box 13
Rutledge, MO 63563