Lodging Reservations for Conference

Any one wanting to make room reservations with Camden On The Lake for the upcoming MHEIA Conference needs to do it ASAP. Our room block expires in just a few days!!! Use code HEIA0317 for our group rate. The phone number is 888-365-5620.
Do forget to send your MHEIA Conference registration in to MHEIA as well.
See you at the Conference
Jim Robertson, President
Missouri Hunter Education Instructors Association, Inc

April Board Meeting

The next meeting of the MHEIA Board of Directors is scheduled for April 17,2016 10:30AM at Bass Pro Shop in Columbia, MO.

Meeting Agenda                                                      

Notice is hereby given that the Missouri Hunter Education Instructor’s Association, Inc.

Board of Directors will conduct a regular board meeting on April 17, 2016 at 10:30 AM at Bass Pro Shop, Columbia, MO.

The tentative agenda for this meeting includes the following items:


Call Meeting to order 10:30 AM

Welcome/Opening remarks

Introduction of guest(s)


Old Business:

(BA) 1. Approve and/ or amend agenda April 17, 2016

(BA) 2. Approve and/ or amend the January 17, 2016 Meeting Minutes

(BA) 3. Approve/ accept the Treasurer’s Report



  1. Conference (Board)
  2. Membership
  3. Newsletter ( Jim Robertson)
  4. Awards (Jim Robertson/ Bob Mallery)
  5. CFM Report
  6. Member Benefits (Jim Robertson)
  7. Website (Jerry Bryant/Jim Robertson ) Rob Brandonburg
  8. Gun Drawing Report (Alan Koenig /Jim Robertson)
  9. SmittyBear & Huntin’ Like Heather Fund (Mike Mansell/ Jerry Bryant)
  10. State Fair (Kenneth Claspille)


Unfinished Business:  NONE


New Business:

(BA) 1. Seat Regional Directors Elect Central Region & Southwest Region

 (BA) 2. Election of Board Officers 2016-2017

            I.E… President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer

            Discussion of Bank Location for Association

            Discussion about making SmittyBear & Huntin’ Like Heather Fund a stand alone entity (Earl Williamson)

(BA) 3. Move quarterly meetings dates to Saturdays instead of Sundays

(BA) 4. Appointment of Regional Director: Southeast, Ozark, Northwest

(BA) 5. Huntin’ Like Heather Application $150.00

(BA) 6. IHEA Hall of Fame…Request For Funds $2000.00?


                           Next Meeting Date: July 02, 09, 16, 23, 30, 2016


(BA) Adjournment of Meeting        


Annual Business Meeting Agenda

Missouri Hunter Education Instructor’s Association
Annual Business Meeting

March 05, 2016

Country Club Hotel & Spa Lake Ozark, MO

Call to Order: 8:00 AM Jim Robertson, President

Welcome & Opening Remarks: Jim Robertson, President
Introduction of the Board
Minutes of Last Annual Meeting: Jerry Bryant, Secretary
Annual Treasurer’s Report:

Old Business:
A. Membership:
B. Newsletter
C. Fund Raising / Gun Drawing Report:
D. SmittyBear Fund:
E. CFM Report:
F. State Fair Report

Unfinished Business:

New Business:
A. Regional Director’s Elections:
Central Region and Southwest Region
B. Approve the Huntin’ Like Heather Fund
C. Gun Drawing 4 Guns:
Adjournment: NO LATER THAN 9:00AM