July Board Meeting Minutes


10:30AM    July 29, 2017

Meeting held at Bass Pro, Columbia, MO

 Director’s present: Jim Robertson; NE Region, Jerry Bryant; Kansas City Region, Delmer Croka; Central Region,

Brian Byers; Southwest Region, Richard Boone; Ozark Region,

Deputy Director’s:   Dennis Boerger Sr.;  St Louis Region,  Mike Mansell; Kansas City Region, Ron Valleroy; Southeast Region, Kenny Claspille; Central Region, Andy Gerrard; Kansas City Region


Guest(s) present:     Susan Boone, Linda Valleroy

Jim Robertson called the meeting to order:

Welcomed extended to guest(s).


 Agenda for July 29, 2017 was read.

A motion to approve was made by Jerry Bryant and seconded by Brian Byers to approve as read.

Voted on an approved by unanimous vote.

 Meeting minutes from Board Meeting of April 2, 2017 were read by Jerry Bryant. A motion to approve was made by Richard Boone and seconded by Brian Byers after adding 2 commas.

Voted on and approved by unanimous vote.


Treasurer’s Report was given by Jim Robertson. This report was from April 2, 2017 thru July 29, 2017.   General Fund was $18,249.54 on April 2, 2017 and $20,785.54 on July 29, 2017. Smittybear Fund balance was $3,591.85 on April 2, 2017 and $3,591.85 on July 29, 2017. The Huntin’ like Heather fund was $398.70 on April 2, 2017 and $398.70 on July 29, 2017. . A motion to approve as read was made by Jerry Bryant and seconded by Richard Boone. Voted on and approved by unanimous vote.



  1. Conference

We discussed the Conference.  Richard Boone read a letter we are sending to Ronnie Phillips inviting him to speak to us at conference .He is with the Heartland Bow hunters. We have offered to pick up cost of lodging and meals for him. We have sent out other inquiries  for speakers.


  1.     Membership

Jerry Bryant reported that we have 140 current paying members. With some instructors passing away or becoming inactive, we are losing members. Please ask your fellow Instructors to become members. I also have finished our new flyer about our organization with sign up. I also have created a new letter for sending to new members. We would like every Instructor to fill out a Bio for themselves   We could then put into our Hunter Education site on face book.  If you know anyone wanting to become a Hunter Education Instructor, please send that Information to Kyle.   Please ask your fellow Instructor to Join the M.H.E.I.A.


  1.       Newsletter

                              The deadline for articles will be August 25th, 2017.   Please send articles to Jim Robertson. Remember that anyone can

                 Submit articles!!!!!!!!  Andy Gerrard has volunteered to take over newsletter.

  1.           Awards


                Everyone should start thinking about awards.

  1.          CFM Report

               CFM will host their 4th annual Affiliate Leader Summit on September 14, and 15th, 2017 in Osage Beach at the Inn at Grand



  1.          Membership Benefits

                 We have decided to go with the package from Bass Pro Shops again.

  1. Website

Please send in Pictures to Jim Robertson. For the Members only page, the password will be Huntin’Safe.

 Gun Raffle

                Jim Robertson reported that all firearms have been picked up and paid for.  We really need to get out and sell our raffle

                tickets.  Last year was our lowest total ever. This year we have included a crossbow, and two hand guns.


  1. Smitty Bear Fund

                 Mike reported he has gotten with the gentleman hosting the hunt down in Perryville. It includes a hunter education class.

                MDC only gives them $600 to do this. It costs around $1,000. This is for inner city girls. This would be a good thing to     

                support. There is 50 girls involved. Richard Boone made a motion to approve request for funds to be spent on this event

                and seconded by Brian Byers. Voted on and approved by unanimous vote. A motion to spent $125.00 from the Huntin’ like

                Heather fund and $875.00 from Smitty Bear was made by Richard Boone and seconded by Ron Valleroy. . Voted on and

                approved by unanimous vote

  1.    State Fair

The State Fair will be held August 10th though August 20th, 2017.  Please contact Kenny Claspille to sign up. Kenny has every slot filled at this time. We can always use more help.

  1.  YHEC

                Things went real good.

             Unfinished Business-    

                Association Survey  

               We will have 7 questions. We will finalize in October.  Kyle will post in his newsletter to all Hunter Education Instructors.   

                 Also, Ron shared we can apply from now until December 15th for a grant from the NRA.            

               NEW BUSINESS:                       

                 By-Laws proposal.  We have made the possible changes and will propose at the annual conference for voting on.


     Next meeting date will be October 1, 2017. Meeting will be at 10:30am in Columbia, MO at Bass Pro Shops.


Adjournment of meeting.

A motion to adjourn meeting was made by Jerry Bryant and seconded by Brian Byers.

Voted on and approved by unanimous vote.


Subject to amendment and Board approval


                                                                         Respectfully Submitted By:                      Jerry Bryant, Board Secretary      

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